Soft, insulating and hardwearing carpet suitable for home or work areas

A great carpet can transform a cold, bare room into a warm and inviting sanctuary. We source domestic carpets to suit all households, from fast-paced family homes to modern apartments for two.

As well as providing a soft and comforting texture underfoot, carpets quieten noise, decrease echoes in large rooms and help to keep heat in.
For commercial spaces where there is a higher potential for spillages, mess or high traffic, there are stain and bleach resistant ranges, antimicrobial ranges and waterproof impervious backed ranges.

We cater for everyone, from student landlords on a tight budget to luxury hoteliers looking to add something special to their plush suites. The variety of colours, styles and prices available is huge, so we can find and fit the perfect carpet for your needs.

Our services include:

We serve throughout Cardiff and offer free quotes. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements. We can provide a free no obligation quote for you.